DigiMedFor Progress Meeting: Comprehensive Overview

DigiMedFor Progress Meeting: Comprehensive Overview

We are delighted to share a summary of our progress meeting in the DigiMedFor project, covering the period from June to the present. Here are some key highlights:


Meeting Highlights:

  • In-Depth Review: A detailed examination of activities undertaken from June until now, providing partners with a nuanced understanding of project advancements. All our partners are listed on the partners page.

  • Material Distribution: Essential materials were distributed to partners, accompanied by clear instructions and access to SharePoint for seamless collaboration. You can find what we have delivered so far in the project under deliverables.

  • Upcoming Developments: Anticipation builds as applications and a knowledge platform are underway, promising enhanced project functionalities.

  • Drone Features Exploration: Partners are also actively acquiring proficiency in various drone features, preparing for testing in the KAVALA forest—an endeavor contributing to innovative forest management practices.


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Join DigiMedFor in Shaping a Greener Future

DigiMedFor invites all stakeholders to join in the pursuit of a greener future and be part of the transformative change in the Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain. Together, we can shape a sustainable world where forests thrive and ecosystem services are safeguarded.

Background of DigiMedFor: Addressing Challenges and Unlocking Potential in the Mediterranean Region

The Mediterranean (MED) region hosts over 25 million hectares of forests and approximately 50 million hectares of other wooded lands. However, this region faces significant challenges due to climatic and socio-economic changes. These challenges could have severe consequences.  In detail, including the loss of crucial ecosystem services and the triggering of economic, social, and at last environmental issues.

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