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Join DigiMedFor: Pioneering Digital Solutions for Sustainable Forest Management

Join DigiMedFor: Pioneering Digital Solutions for Sustainable Forest Management

Welcome to the DigiMedFor community, where we’re driving innovation in Mediterranean forest management through cutting-edge digital technologies. An European-funded project under the esteemed Horizon Europe program.


About DigiMedFor

DigiMedFor, initiated in June 2023 and spanning three years, is spearheaded by the Department of Agricultural Sciences – University of Naples FEDERICO II. Our primary goal? To revolutionize how we monitor and manage Mediterranean forest resources. From their origin to the wood industry, leveraging geospatial technologies, artificial intelligence, modeling, and ICT.


Advancing a Greener Future

Are you passionate about ushering in a greener EU future? Join us in supporting DigiMedFor as we pave the way for a more competitive, sustainable, and technologically advanced forest-wood supply chain in the Mediterranean region.


Your Involvement Matters

We need your active participation and feedback to develop solutions that can make a tangible impact on the EU forestry sector. By promoting our project initiatives and joining our community. You’ll play a crucial role in shaping the future of sustainable forest management.


Project Objectives

In alignment with the EU Forest and Digital Strategies, DigiMedFor aims to:

  • Increase the digitization and inventory of Mediterranean forests.
  • Combat deforestation and illegal practices through optimized tools for sustainable forest management and wood traceability.
  • Enhance the management of the forest-wood supply chain through information systems supporting sustainable decision-making.
  • Harness the full potential of DigiMedFor services and tools, informed by market analysis, business models, future skills, and ethical and legal considerations.


Stay Connected

Subscribe to our community, follow our social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and visit our website to learn more about DigiMedFor. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter for regular updates on project news, progress, initiatives, and events.


Spread the Word

Share our mission with your colleagues and networks, inviting others to join us in shaping a more sustainable future for Mediterranean forests.

Let’s embark on this journey together towards a greener, more digitally empowered tomorrow. Join DigiMedFor today

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